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The Administrative Board handles the day-to-day logistics of Deep HOPE. They carry out the mission and vision of the Directors and Council to ensure the organization's success.

Heather Brown

Heather Brown’s professional career has spanned over three decades, but her passion for marine conservation issues began early. At the age of 16, she successfully lobbied the seafood buyers at local supermarkets to stop selling shark meat. Since then she has worked on dozens of conservation, restoration and sustainability projects in both the public and private sectors. These have included beach and wetland restoration, harbor and waterfront cleanups, coral reef surveys, fish counts, grey water reclamation systems, urban aquaculture systems, polyculture farming systems and initiatives designed to introduce and educate children about their local marine environments. Her experience has been gained through the entertainment, tourism, hotel & resort, academic and non-profit industries while having worked for both the public and private sector. She has designed educational curriculums and materials for adult ESL classes as well as serving as a technical editor on several published works.

Heather Brown specializes in project management having experience in company formation, administration, management, mediation, PR, marketing, advertising, fund-raising and grant writing. She is bilingual in both English and Spanish utilizing this knowledge in community outreach programs addressing childhood nutrition, recycling and waste management. Heather has an AA degree in business and she is finishing her BA in Emergency & Disaster Management in order to better attend to and help manage the increasingly frequent anthropogenic environmental changes that are affecting us all.  She is an SSI Scuba Instructor with advanced technical dive training in the areas of cave diving, mixed gas diving, ice diving and fast water rescue. Heather is based in Northern California where her partnership with her retired racehorse, Hestia, keeps her from spending too much time on Facebook.

Riva Kahn Hallock

Riva Kahn Hallock is a mechanical engineer who specializes in underwater systems. She graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Olin College of Engineering, where she was also awarded a Tri-Collegiate Sustainability Certificate for her concentration in sustainable design. Riva was introduced to DOER Marine in 2009 after meeting Dr. Sylvia Earle and touring the facility and machine shop in Alameda, CA. In her work at DOER, Riva has been involved in the design and build of several projects geared towards ocean exploration and conservation. She has worked on and operated several ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), including the H6000 ROV, owned by the University of Hawaii's School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology. In addition, she assisted with the build and operation of an ROV commissioned by the University of Illinois, designed to explore the ocean underneath Antarctic ice sheets. Riva has consulted on the engineering of underwater art installations and several submerged camera systems. Prior to DOER Riva conducted

research on hydrofoils, engine fuel efficiency, and autonomous sailboats, worked at the AUV Lab at MIT, and has volunteered with several environmental organizations such as Mission Blue.

Miriam Stein Battles

With a degree in environmental and marine conservation policy from Brandeis University, Miriam Stein Battles specializes as a conservation photo editor. Her work on magazines, books and websites for nonprofits such as National Geographic Society, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and Ocean Geographic Society has won multiple awards. Miriam was a photo researcher on the Smithsonian Sant Ocean Hall and she photo edited the companion book, Smithsonian Ocean. Currently the photo editor for Ocean Geographic Magazine, Miriam also freelances for renowned photographers David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes, Michael Aw, Suzi Eszterhas, Frans Lanting and Daniel J. Cox. Miriam is a founding affiliate to the International League of Conservation Photographers and a board advisor to Sea Save Foundation. She’s a member of numerous professional associations and an accomplished photographer in her own right. Her photography has been used by National Geographic Children’s Publishing, The Nature Conservancy and is held on collection at the Museum of the City of New York. She started

adopting whales at eight years-old and volunteered for Ocean Alliance in college, studying humpback whale behavior. Miriam became PADI certified at the age of fifteen and rescues orphan kittens as a hobby, only because it’s logistically difficult to raise orphan dolphins.

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